What your client wants, isn’t always what they need.

Posted by Nick Entwistle
Great news. Your client has just rang you up to give you a brief…

They may say they want a web banner, an infographic, a set of social posts…

But what they say they want and what they really want are two different things.

So, what do clients really want? The answer is simple. Return On Investment.

Whether that’s conversions to sales, website visits, social engagement or to collect data, there is always an end goal in mind from a client brief.

This is where we should all be focussing our attention. And, this is where we will get results.

Having a clear end result in our minds will help us to deliver creative ideas that aren’t just vanity pieces.

So rather than working to a particular media, what if we thought differently? What if the social media posts your client wanted would work better for their objectives as a Facebook game? What if their web banner brief…would be better as a film with paid promotion?

At Trunk, we focus on the most important part of the brief, the objective.Through film, social, interactives, games and animation, we can adapt our ideas to help your brands grow. We also work directly for agencies, which means you can keep your client happy, which keeps your agency happy, which makes us happy.

For example, we were tasked with making some noise for Paddy Power during the Snap Election, but we had a clear goal to capture data from people around the UK. That’s why we created the Slap Election. A fun idea that was extremely engaging and sharable, thus encouraging others to take part. With hundreds of thousands of people getting involved, we generated lots of interaction with the brand. A lot of this was down to having an open brief that wasn’t ties down to a particular medium. This allowed us to come up with an idea that was going to get the results it needed.

We hear time and time again that our agency partners are tasked by their brands to build their social audiences, it is so refreshing to see that over the past 12 months, so many have turned to interactives and video as a way to do this. Delivering huge results in the process.

We also use this approach when it comes to our own promotion. In the last week, we targeted a captive audience of boxing fans with a piece of illustration that we sent out and promoted across Facebook. Audience engagement was encouraged and resulted in a reach of 331,000 and 26,000 post likes. This also resulted in our page receiving an additional 1000 likes. All of whom are now following our page and are likely to engage in our future content. Not only does this show that different medias can help you obtain the engagement you want, but that you can do it on a budget if you are reactive and you know your audience.

So why restrict yourself to doing something to tick boxes? Think bigger and the results will come.

Think Trunk.