Trunk’s London Adventure

Posted by Amber Dawson

Last week, it was the one we’d all been waiting for… One Minute Briefs Live 4! And Trunk had headed down to be a part of the action…

Nestled inside Shoreditch’s Cargo, Ombles gathered from all over the world, including Athens and Brussels, for the event. The night was kicked off by our very own Adam Britton, who as MD for Trunk, explained what we were all about and how we were very proud sponsors of OMBLIVE4.

The night was packed with speakers from different agencies and backgrounds. There were longer speeches by key figures such as Vikki Ross and Jason Neale, whilst the ombles took up the challenge of giving a talk in just one minute! Topics varied from “being average” to how OMB has helped grow people’s confidence and make a difference to their lives. Some people went way over their allotted time and had to be cut short, but that’s the cut-throat nature of the one minute game!

Let’s not forget the OMB tournament which saw people going head-to-head testing their creativity and quick thinking. The competition got fiercer and fiercer, but ultimately, the crown was taken by @Chorles!

Then, the man himself stepped up to take the stage and give the last talk of the evening. Nick Entwistle, CD of Trunk and founder of OMB, covered everything from his latest work to how, if you’re not making work you’re proud of, what’s the point? He also invited Isabella’s Mum, Jennie, on stage to speak about the work we have done with their family and the money that has been raised so far. We’d love more people, including ombles, to get involved with this, so if you haven’t already filmed your ‘c’ word video, get filming!

The night was filled with awards, t-shirts, prizes and, of course, lots of drinks. From the smiles on people’s faces, we’d say everyone had a good time – we definitely did!

Cheers to everyone who came and supported the event, it was you guys that made it what it was. Also, thanks Cargo for pouring a hell of a lot of jagerbombs! Check out a video of the night below if you had one too many and can’t rememember much of it! Until the next one…