The Definition of Content

Posted by Nick Entwistle

Definition: It fills a hole.

I’ve heard this a few times when it comes to content: “We need something. Doesn’t have to be great as long as we get something out.”

But you wouldn’t fill your car with cooking oil… or eat takeaway every day, would you? Well you might… but you or your car wouldn’t run right. And you’d be very fat.

So it’s important that you have a content strategy to get the most out of your brand and what it’s saying. Not just fill a hole and create content for content’s sake to get one or two likes and a low return on investment. Better to create one piece of content that engages your audience than 10 that have zero impact. This way you will get results and be remembered. Creating meaningless, mediocre content will mean people will pass you by.

The way I think about it is… whilst you’re online… your brand is just like a shop window on a high street. You need to capture people’s attention to get them in at first amongst all the other brands vying for your attention. And once you’ve got them there, you need to keep them there and then encourage them do something there and then such as donate to a good cause… or buy a product. In online terms, you are encouraging them to visit an external website after viewing/interacting with your content.

If they don’t act there and then, will you have done enough to put that brand in the front of people’s minds to make them come back to you in the future?

In the same way as coming back to your store again, will they come back to view future content?

On the other hand, if you bore people with your content, and the viewer feels like they have wasted their time, they are very unlikely to return to your future content and, in turn, unlikely to return to your brand.

That’s why it’s important not to just fill a hole with your content.

If it’s not going to be good and engage your audience, to make them laugh, smile or in some cases cry, then don’t bother creating it at all.

For example, we created a piece of film with Big Brand Ideas for Nextbase. And, rather than just doing a giveaway of dash cams to mums around Mother’s Day, we created a script delivered by a young boy called Hayden who set out to give free dash cams to Mothers in a busy city centre. The script highlighted the connection between Mothers and how they are always there for you, looking out for you to keep you safe and linking that emotional connection to the product.

What was a small product giveaway, became an engaging piece of content in its own right. We could have just filmed ourselves giving away some dash cams, but it wouldn’t have had anywhere near the same emotional connection it had with the audience or receive the 160 thousand views it did. It will also hopefully have people coming back for more content in the future and make people think differently about the product to encourage people to purchase and keep themselves and their families safe. You can watch the video here!

So, don’t produce content for content’s sake. Do it with an objective in mind.

Think differently about how you want people to react to it. Think Trunk.