The Christmas ads have arrived…

Posted by Amber Dawson

So it’s that time of year when big brands start releasing their entries into the crowded battlefield that is TV Christmas adverts. Feel like you’ve been missing out? Here are our views on what’s cracking so far!


This one shows the happy story of two carrots, Kevin and his love interest, who meet on the banquet table of a steam train. There’s a terrible pea pun, a bed of pies and a murdered gingerbread man, all of which makes this year’s Aldi Christmas ad. It’s not our favourite of the supermarkets’ offerings, but Kevin does put a smile on our faces.


Lidl’s Christmas entry depicts its “Cavalier Carver” and is a little shorter than any of the others seen so far, which is quite refreshing. It is to the point and boasts a lot of products in the short 19 seconds. We’re loving the “every lidl thing for Christmas” line, although the guy in it reminds us of that annoying person you always try to avoid at family gatherings!


Argos presents a modern version of Christmas with rockets instead of sleighs emphasising the speed with which they can deliver presents. The glimpse inside the Argos workshop is great as it feels similar to how we imagine the back of Argos to be anyway! We love that they understand last minute shoppers’ needs as you can be sure we’ll be banging on their door on Christmas Eve.

Toys R Us

Toys R Us this year present a cute ad with great animations of Santa and his reindeer stopping off to stock up at the store. When the reindeers get distracted, Santa enlists the help of the giraffe that works there! Our favourite bits include Rudolph’s car noise nose, the giraffe delivering presents down the chimneys and, of course, the recognisable jingle!


Currys’ Xmas ad doesn’t feel very Christmassy in comparison to some others which go all out. Currys instead have chosen to focus on its products and how its employees personally test them out. It features three head-banging goths, a salesman and a buffet, so your typical Christmas things. The best line in the ad “I can feel the base in my glutes” – now that’d be an Agency Quote!


Sainsbury’s entry in the battle of the supermarkets is a sing-a-long with what seems like the whole world! There’s everyone in there, including Ricky Tomlinson and Kermit the Frog. What we’re loving about this one is the truth in each of the lines, including the bad family singing, droopy Christmas trees and eating way too much food. Although this one may get on your nerves if you see it too many times!


Now this one is allllll about the turkey. Tesco give you great insight into the homes across Britain on Christmas Day and the pressures of cooking a great turkey with an audience. Our highlight is right at the beginning where the teenager asks “what’s for dinner?” completely oblivious of the day. Despite the controversy it is facing, we really like the ad here at Trunk. If anything, it’s made us a bit hungry!


This is one of our faves! It feels like Asda have really gone to town with this year’s Christmas ad. With a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, it’s packed with imagination; there’s everything from an igloo smashing workshop to a Gin Room (our personal favourite). It’s all set to a great soundtrack, and they only feature a turkey for a brief few seconds – thank god!


Morrisons focuses upon their gluten-free range this year in an ad which shows the special relationship between a brother and sister. It’s family-focused, and encourages everyone to join in at Christmas time. Not forgetting it features real-life reindeers, so who wouldn’t love it?!

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer have teamed up with Paddington bear this year in celebration of its second film release. The big-budget advert is full of fun and visually looks amazing. Paddington mistakes a burglar for Santa Claus and helps him “deliver” his gifts. It’s heart-warming and takes you on a journey all inside a minute and a half. Brill.

John lewis

This is the one everyone waits for, and which really kicks off the festive season. This year features a monster called Moz who hides under a boy’s bed and keeps him awake a night. They form an unlikely friendship which melt the hearts of viewers. The ad is a mini adventure which takes you straight back to your childhood. Here at Trunk we love Moz the monster!