Taller or Smaller?

Posted by Rob Bolt

With awards season coming up there is one way we know how to get in the spirit – create a game!

We all know that some actors are liked more than others, some richer, some have more friends… But there is one fact that cannot be disputed. It’s the question that is on everyone’s lips at this time of the year. Who is taller, Steve McQueen or Scarlett Johansson?

It doesn’t give you any sort of advantage in the acting world, but we definitely find it interesting. “Taller or Smaller” is a new game by Trunk, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Taking the higher or lower game basis literally, you will be given the height of an actor and you will have to click if you think the second actor is taller or smaller than the first. Seemingly easy, we can assure you it’s more difficult than you may think – pitting actors from way back in the mid-90s to current day superstars, it’s time to find out who stands on a raised platform whilst working with less vertically challenged colleagues.

Just a hint for getting the top score in your office – despite speculation, Tom Cruise is not smaller than Warwick Davis or Danny DeVito. There are some curve balls and some which will definitely take you by surprise!

The game is live now, so get stuck in! The highest score in our office is currently 17, so good luck!