Posted by Amber Dawson

It’s Easter time which means it’s time to crack open those chocolate eggs and enjoy a long weekend away from work… But before you do there’s one last thing you need to do!

In celebration of the holiday, Trunk are proud to release our brand-new egg-themed game ‘Scramble’!

Set amongst different worlds, Scramble lets you control a bouncy egg to see if you can get it in the hole at the end. To control the egg you click and drag, and the further you drag backwards, the quicker the egg goes!

You can choose from a range of eggs to be your champion and there are even ones with famous faces on – pick from Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth II, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama!

Be careful not to overshoot though as you’ll miss the target… You also lose a point for every readjustment you have to make to your egg’s position, so it definitely takes a little practise to perfect that one-shot wonder…

The game has been designed and made by the Trunk team, so get in touch if you need a game making for you or your client.

Have a crack at the game here and try to get on the leaderboard… Don’t forget to let us know your scores at @TweetsByTrunk!

Happy Easter from all of us here at Trunk!