Prolific North Live

Posted by Amber Dawson

Last week was Prolific North Live at EventCity and you may have spotted us there…

Clad in purple football shirts, the Trunk team battled their way through the snow to set up our football themed stand, ready for the start of what would be a fun-filled two days. The event had everything from pick ‘n’ mix and Lucky Charms to drag queens and a bus full of booze! What more could anyone have asked for?

So, for our second year at Prolific North Live, we decided to brand ourselves ‘The Best Team in Manchester’; the city is already home to two big rival teams, City and United, so we decided why not add a third? Besides, red and blue together make purple!

With AstroTurf on the floor, kit bags full of footballs and our full squad illustrated on the wall, you could see us a mile off. The backdrop was designed by our Design Director, Rob Bolt, and featured every member of our team which highlighted just how quickly we’ve grown in the year (and a bit) that we’ve been open. A lot of organisation went into the stand, so it was great to see it come together.

Our Head of Film, Ben, spent some time filming some of the other stands that were there to produce short highlights reels for them. Our own show-reel was the centre piece to our wall design, showing everything from our viral videos to the TV ads, games and interactives we have made.

And we couldn’t not mention the star of the stand… Those of you who attended may have noticed our special guest… Dan Magness! Dan is a freestyler footballer and world-record holder who was doing his tricks on our stand. If you missed it, there are plenty of videos on social – check out our Twitter here!

Dan was great at getting the crowd involved; we had regular shows and competitions throughout the day in which people could win Trunk-branded bottles of prosecco. It was great to see people of all ages getting involved and showing off their best moves.

We had a great two days at Prolific North Live and hope everyone else did too. Special thanks goes to Dan for joining us as an honorary Trunk member, Prolific North and Don’t Panic for organising the event and, of course, everyone who came along! We hope to see you again next year, but until then, check out the highlights from this year below!