Our Time at Prolific North Live

Posted by Chris James
If you happened to be passing through the Prolific North Live Exhibition last week, you probably noticed the pink, interactive Trunk stand. We’re very happy a lot of you trotted over for a chat and a quick go on our game ExpoGo (the winners will be revealed soon!). You may have seen some of our film team around too – we were keen to show those unlucky people who couldn’t attend just what they were missing out on… The event itself was a fantastic opportunity for creatives from across the country to get together and talk about all sorts of things, from collaborations to trading bits of advice. We met some great people from lots of different agencies, and are very excited to get the ball rolling with some of the initial concepts we discussed. As we’re sure was the case with most exhibitors, our interactive stand & game probably went down a little too well, unfortunately not giving us chance to go and watch some of the talks going on over the two days. This was a bit disappointing as we have heard nothing but great things about the speakers, but hopefully we can fit that in next year! If you want to check out any of the other videos that we filmed for some of our agency friends, see the links below… After kicking the year off with Prolific North Live, we can’t wait for the next exhibition where we can meet with some more incredible people and keep collaborating!