Our thoughts on Cadbury

Posted by Amber Dawson

Cadbury are back in the news having recently revamped their brand image, and it’s something we’ve been discussing in the office.

The first ad depicting this new message is for Dairy Milk and features a young girl buying a bar of chocolate for her Mum. You can watch it below if you haven’t already seen it!

They’ve also released an Easter egg hunt in January… asking shoppers to find a limited number of white Cadbury Crème Eggs in amongst the traditional milk ones. Although, some savvy shoppers have discovered the simple trick of reading the ingredients list on the side – ones containing white chocolate state as much.

But back to the new ad: this move follows Cadbury’s decision to step away from its previous positioning of joy. It claims it is heading “back to its roots” and honours its founder, John Cadbury, and his generosity and kindness.

A quick recap of the ad in case you’ve forgotten or can’t be bothered to scroll down: the child in the advert wanders into a corner shop whilst her Mother is on the phone. She asks the man behind the counter for a bar of chocolate, and then presents him with her most valued items which include a plastic coin, two buttons, a medal, a ring and, her favourite, a miniature unicorn. The man then takes these items as payment, gives her the chocolate bar and her “change” – the unicorn.

The concept of the advert is very well thought out; the story is compacted carefully into the time so that by the end, we feel as though we know the people. It’s even proving to be a tear-jerker for some!

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s some straight from Trunk team members themselves:

“Quite a radical departure from the Gorilla and twitching eyebrows but think it works well and taps into the real emotion of being kind.”

“Great story-telling by Cadbury, feels like an old ad from the past!”

“Why didn’t her Mum take her back into the shop thinking she’d stolen it?”

Overall, we’re loving Cadbury’s change in direction! The advert really shows the power of film and how great it is at portraying emotion – something Trunk is all about.

One question we do have though is, why didn’t he give all her stuff back?!