New Month Resolutions

Posted by Amber Dawson

January has arrived, the turkey has finally been eaten and we’ve emerged, blinking, from our cocoon on the sofa. Thoughts now turn to what 2018 holds as we vow to do better than last year. Here’s some things to bear in mind if you’re a little late in making yours.

First of all, at Trunk we’ve been wondering if the tradition of making resolutions for the new year has become a thing of the past. Gone are the days of deliberating over whether you think you’re more likely to go to the gym every day or give up junk food – only to admit defeat on January 8th either way and tuck into a Dominos.

Nowadays, more and more people are making mini resolutions across the year; these come in the form of Stoptober, Go Sober for October as well as things like Movember. Is this because the thought of giving something up for just a month is a lot easier to manage than a whole year? It seems a lot of people find this a lot more successful and that they can carry on after the month is up quite easily if they wish.

The BBC posted an article yesterday in which it is said humans are driven by something called loss aversion. Basically, we are more motivated to recover loss than we are to win gains. So, perhaps by thinking of resolutions as recovering something which we’ve lost, for example, a former level of fitness or hobby, may be more effective than saying “I’m trying to lose weight.” The article also highlights how this idea encourages people to make their goals more realistic.

So, why not try thinking of your resolutions as a skill you’ve just misplaced, or make them only a month long? That way if you do slip-up, you can start a fresh in February without feeling as much of a failure. Besides, February is a lot shorter anyway!

Happy New Year everyone!