Posted by Amber Dawson

He’s back! And bigger, badder, and better than ever before…

Last year saw Father Critmas, the baddest of all Santas, call upon people’s Christmas spirit to give the gift of a book crit. As the advertising industry becomes increasingly competitive, Junior Creatives find it more and more difficult just to get feedback on their ideas. So #MerryCritmas encourages Creative Directors to roast a Creative rather than a turkey at Christmas time, and give them a little time and advice.

Made in collaboration with One Minute Briefs, Trunk was hired by Father Critmas himself to film and edit this campaign. The film parodies the movie trailer for Stephen King’s “IT” and was challenging to shoot as it is made up of lots of different quick shots. Luckily, we had some great volunteers on hand to help us out!

For those nosey few amongst you, here’s a quick insight into how filming went:

Set inside a creepy basement, lives the Father Critmas. As expected, he really didn’t behave himself. Firstly, he sent his Creatives out in the rain to film their scenes, whilst he laughed at them from inside. Then, when he’d stopped causing chaos and telling people they were “doing it wrong”, he took to the stage and reigned terror…

That’s all you’re getting, you’ll have to watch the video for more!

So, fancy getting involved this year? If you’re a Senior Creative or Creative Director who has the time to give a book crit (whether that be an email, a skype call or, even better, in person) get in touch here. Or, if you’re a Junior looking to be roasted, follow this one.

If you’re feeling really, really brave, you can send your portfolio directly to Father Critmas…

Our elves have been working hard, and here it is! Be warned: this year, he’s really not messing around. You can also check out his behind the scenes antics out below!

Thanks to everyone who’s been involved so far this year – Merry Critmas!