Jingle Dogs, Jingle Dogs

Posted by Amber Dawson

With Christmas just around the corner and tinsel, trees and spontaneous bursts of Jingle Bells occurring all over the office, we’d like to share with you PlusNet’s Jingle Dog’s game!

Made in collaboration with Banana Kick, this game features furry festive friends in the form of Stanley, Pat, Dixie and Winston and you can choose your favourite at the start of the game. The aim of the game is to get the biggest chain of dogs you possibly can – think old-school Snake but with a cuter animal!

As you venture round the snowy grounds, each dog you come across joins on to the line. Be careful, as the more you get, the harder it becomes!

The game was created for PlusNet by our Developers Tim Butler, Robin Watson and Edd Smith but it’s been a team effort to make it! We encourage everyone to give it a go. Check it out and let us know what your high score is.

Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S Don’t forget to turn your speakers up and listen to the Jingle Dogs track!