From Gotham to Ancoats

Posted by Rich Moody
Howdy, so here goes my first blog post for Trunk, actually my first blog post ever! Right, where do I start…

Well, first off my name is Rich Moody and I recently joined the Trunk crew a couple months ago as a producer for all things video/TV Ad related. I started working with the team at the beginning of July and needless to say, it’s been a fantastic start to a new chapter.

Hailing originally from New Jersey/New York in the US of A, most of my previous experience was in freelance television and film production, working alongside major film studios and A-listers on a range of projects, from small independent titles, to major blockbusters such as Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, TV dramas and award-winning films. I made the move to the North West last September and after freelancing on some commercial productions and a BBC television drama in Manchester, I eventually had a chance meeting with Adam Britton. It was there that Adam informed me about all of Trunk’s video and television commercial plans for the foreseeable future and, to be a bit cliché, the rest is history.

My first day at the office was definitely memorable, as I walked into the very trendy looking Beehive Lofts, I was greeted, given a desk, a laptop, a welcome gift full of spirits and candy (I mean sweets), and a card that told me to “stop reading and do some f**kin’ work!”. I could tell this was already gearing up to be a very different environment from my days as a freelancer!

After settling in, my first project was a mockumentary style advertisement/online video for one of our clients Nextbase. The idea was to create three characters which all suffered from various types of bad driving – “not at fault”, “middle lane driving” and “tailgating” and how they affect the relationships with people around them. Casting for the production involved bringing on board 3 comedians, 2 social media stars and an established television actor. All talent travelled to Macclesfield, where we shot for three consecutive days at various local businesses and locations. All in all, everyone stepped up to the plate and everything worked out to form a successful shoot, from pre-production and cast scheduling to locations and logistics (and no divas!). So I was well “chuffed” to finish my first project at Trunk with a flying start.

So with that, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us here at Trunk. We have numerous big projects in the pipeline and I’m just glad to be part of a growing, confident, progressive agency….Innit