Cadbury Parody

Posted by Amber Dawson

Monday morning began with a conversation about how someone should make a parody of the new Cadbury ad, but with a full-grown man instead. Then we thought, why shouldn’t that “somebody” be us? So, we got to work.

A script, a cast and a quick trip to buy a unicorn later, we were set. The nice man in the shop around the corner agreed to let us use his business for our film, and he even starred in it himself!

We’d previously written a post with our thoughts on the latest Cadbury advert and its new direction, but we couldn’t just leave it at that! We decided to take away the heartfelt mother and daughter combination and swap it for a bloke and his mate… Let’s just say, the ending is very different!

We definitely got a few funny looks filming this; people were coming in and out of the shop to buy things and they weren’t too sure what a man was doing on his knees, holding a pink unicorn. One man thought there was a wedding proposal going on!

We won’t spoil it any further, you can check out the original Cadbury advert below if you haven’t already seen it, and then let us know what you think of our parody version!