At only 10 years old, Isabella shouldn’t know the ‘C’ word.

Posted by Amber Dawson
It all started with an idea, which Trunk brought to life and delivered a hard-hitting film that is now going viral across the world.

Initially, a brief was set on One Minute Briefs to raise awareness for a little girl called Isabella. Isabella has had Neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer, since she was 3. She’s now 10. The survival rate for relapsed Neuroblastoma is less than 10%, a statistic that worsens each time it happens — Isabella has relapsed three times. Her family are desperately trying to raise money to get her to America for treatment. Her Godparent, Louise, asked for OMB’s help to encourage people to donate and help get her there. So many people got involved and came up with ideas, one of which sparked something more. @Zedtrafficker thought that no child should know or use the ‘C’ word, and this eventually became the idea behind a script.

The script was for a short film which would hopefully push awareness of Isabella and her condition to the forefront of many people’s minds. The Trunk team offered to go to her house in Birmingham to create the film pro-bono and it was an absolute privilege for us to work with such an amazing family.

You will see for yourself in the video, but Isabella is a natural in front of the camera. In the film, Isabella tells us about how she has known the word “c*****” since the age of 3. Initially, you have no idea what she’s saying as it has been bleeped out. Most of us would assume she was saying another word beginning with the letter ‘C’… The script plays on this assumption and captures your interest immediately, but soon enough, Isabella’s personality wins you over and you keep watching. She then captures your heart in the final scene where she says “I hate you cancer, please go away”. Everyone in the production team couldn’t help but feel emotional at that moment and that emotion has most definitely translated onto the screen and had an effect on the public.

Now the mission is to get this video seen by as many people as possible and to get them donating. Every friend, family member, even that bloke you don’t like that much, needs to see this video. Share it on every social platform going and help us raise money for a girl who needs this chance to grow up free of the dreaded ‘C’ word.

The film has been live since Friday and posted by the likes of UniLad, Viral Thread and The Hook. Over 7 million people have viewed it so far and, with over 30,000 comments, it’s fair to say it has sparked a lot of conversation! It has been covered by lots of news sites including The Mirror and The Daily Mail. But more importantly, it has raised thousands of pounds for Isabella already, something which hopefully will continue.

It just goes to show how an idea from anyone, if enough people get behind it, can hopefully make all the difference in the world to one little girl — Isabella.

You can watch the video here:

Please donate here: or text ISLY88 £1-10 TO 70070 Follow